How to Open AVIF File

AVIF Format Description
In today's digital age, people have an abundance of photos stored on their smartphones and computers. The number of pictures can reach into the millions on e-commerce and fashion websites. To free up valuable storage space, it is advantageous to compress these images. AVIF is an innovative image compression codec that allows for compression without sacrificing image quality or detail. Compared to the longstanding JPEG format that has been in use for over two decades, AVIF offers significantly smaller file sizes. Utilizing AVIF can lead to a reduction of approximately 50% in weight compared to WebP.

Understanding AVIF
AV1 Codec is a widely-used video format that is known for its open-source nature and lack of royalties. AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) aims to become a popular video format that is suitable for web usage. The Alliance for Open Media (AOM) has developed the AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) as a specification for compressed image files or sequences using AV1 within the HEIF file format. AVIF provides excellent compression, maintaining image quality without any loss, while also offering the advantage of being a royalty-free format with enhanced features and support. Notably, AVIF supports HDR (High Dynamic Range), giving it an edge over other image formats. Major companies like Apple, Google, VideoLAN, Facebook, and Netflix are among those already supporting this new file format. Unlike the slow adoption of WebP by Apple, AVIF seems to be gaining acceptance much more rapidly.

Exploring the Benefits of AVIF: How Can It Transform Your Experience?
AVIF, a new image format, boasts compatibility with high dynamic range imaging, setting it apart from other formats like WebP, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, and GIF. AVIF supports a remarkable 12 bits of color at full resolution, while still delivering images that are up to ten times smaller than those in other well-known formats. Not only does AVIF offer animated, transparent, and lossless images, but it also provides HDR support. Moreover, it is the most optimal compression choice and comes with the added benefit of being royalty-free. This innovative file format has garnered support from major technology companies, including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and many more.

How to Open AVIF File
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