Supported Formats

Handy Viewer is able to open wide varietry of graphic and video formats. The big advantage is that all these formats are available right out of the box.
Here you can see a list of the supported formats.

Supported Input Formats

JPEG Image (*.jpeg;*.jpg;*.jpe;*.jif;*.jfif)
Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
Windows Bitmap (*.bmp;*.dib;*.rle)
TIFF Image (*.tif;*.tiff;*.fax;*.g3f;*.g3n)
GIF Image (*.gif)
DICOM Medical Image (*.dicom;*.dcm;*.dic;*.v2)
Camera Raw Image (*.crw;*.cr2;*.cr3;*.dng;*.nef;*.raw;*.raf;*.x3f;
Photoshop PSD (*.psd;*.psb)
JPEG2000 (*.jp2)
JPEG2000 Code Stream (*.j2k;*.jpc;*.j2c)
Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp;*.wdp;*.jxr)
Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
Enhanced Metafile (*.emf)
Windows Icon (*.ico)
Windows Cursor (*.cur)
PaintBrush (*.pcx)
Targa Image (*.targa;*.tga;*.vda;*.icb;*.vst)
Portable Pixmap (*.pxm;*.pbm;*.pgm;*.ppm)
Wireless Bitmap (*.wbmp)
Multipage PCX (*.dcx)
Vector Objects File (*.iev)
Vector Advanced File (*.all)
DirectDraw Surface (*.dds)
Flexible Image Transport System (*.fits;*.fts)
Photo CD Image (*.pcd;*.pcds)
Printer Control Language (*.pcl)
Adobe PDF Document (*.pdf; *.pdfa; *.epdf)
High Efficiency Image File (*.heic;*.heif;*.avif)
Cineon Image File (*.cin)
High Dynamic Range File (*.exr)
TrueType Font (*.ttf;*.otf;*.pfa;*.pfb;*.ttc;*.dfont)
Digital Picture Exchange Image (*.dpx)
WebP Image (*.webp)
JPEG Network Graphics (*.jng)
MPEG Video Stream (*.m2v;*.mov;*.mpeg;*.mpg)
MATLAB Image Format (*.mat)
Magick Image File Format (*.miff)
Multiple-Image Network Graphics (*.mng)
MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4;*.m4v)
ImageMagick SVG Renderer (*.msvg;*.rsvg)
Embrid Embroidery Format (*.pes)
CALS Image (*.cals;*.cal)
JPEG XL Image (*.jxl)
Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg;*.svgz)
GIMP Image (*.xcf)
Microsoft XML Paper Specification (*.xps)
QuickDraw PICT Image (*.pict;*.pct)
Seattle FilmWorks Image (*.sfw)
RGB Image (*.rgb;*.sgi)
X11 Bitmap Graphic (*.xbm)
X11 Pixmap Graphic (*.xpm)
Dune AAI Image (*.aai)
OpenRaster Image (*.ora)
AVI Video (*.avi)
MPEG Video (*.mpeg;*.mpg;*.mp4)
Windows Media Video (*.wmv)