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Handy Viewer - A Versatile Free Image Viewer for Windows.

In this era of digital media, finding an image or video viewer that supports a wide range of formats can be a challenge. Handy Viewer provides an all-in-one solution for photo and video viewing.

Handy Viewer boasts a user-friendly interface that offers an effortless experience right from the start. All required plug-ins and codecs were included, eliminating the need for cumbersome downloads. Navigating through folders and finding specific images is a breeze thanks to hotkey support and three different viewing modes you can choose from.

One standout feature of Handy Viewer is its extensive format compatibility. Whether it's JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or even the latest HEIC image format, Handy Viewer will open and display nearly any image file format. Moreover, Handy Viewer shines when it comes to video playback as well.

Photo editing and ability to apply effects is another important feature of this program. Handy Viewer allows you to resize, crop and rotate your images. The brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and other parameters can be configured as well. Additionally, Handy Viewer provides professional-level tools for painting on images, adding text labels, and filling areas with color, among other features.

All these characteristics make Handy Viewer an unsurpassed assistant for viewing, editing and converting photos.