How to Open FITS File

FITS Format Description
The Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) is a widely recognized open standard that establishes a digital file format suitable for storing, transmitting, and manipulating data. It is primarily utilized in astronomy as the preferred digital file format. FITS was specifically developed to cater to the unique needs of astronomical data, encompassing features such as the ability to describe photometric and spatial calibration information, as well as including metadata pertaining to the origin of the images. It allows for the formatting of data into multi-dimensional arrays, like two-dimensional images or tables, making it a versatile tool for various applications within the field of astronomy.

The FITS format was initially standardized in 1981. It has undergone progressive evolution and the latest version (4.0) received standardization in 2016. The design of FITS focused on ensuring long-term preservation, and the principle of "once FITS, always FITS" dictates that any changes to the format must maintain backward compatibility.

FITS is commonly utilized for storing various types of data, not limited to just images. It can accommodate spectra, photon lists, data cubes, and even structured data like multi-table databases. A FITS file can have multiple extensions, each housing a distinct data object. To illustrate, the same file can hold x-ray as well as infrared exposures.

How to Open FITS File
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