How to Open HEIC File

HEIC Format Description
In the world of images, we are fortunate to have a vast selection of formats at our disposal. Depending on our needs and personal preferences, we have the liberty to opt for various options, ranging from the traditional JPEG to the contemporary HEIC format, for example.

If you're utilizing iOS 11 or a newer version on your iPhone or iPad, you've likely observed that the pictures you take are saved with the HEIC extension. However, do you know what this format signifies and why it is beneficial? In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of this file type, continue reading to explore all the details.

Decoding the Mystery of HEIC Files
In order to understand the HEIC format, it’s advisable to first define the HEIF one. Conceived in 2015 by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), HEIF stands for High-Efficiency Image File. The format was designed to store not only a single image, but also a sequence of images in just one file. At the same time, because it uses the the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression algorithm, a HEIF file comes with a considerably lighter file size in comparison to other image formats.
The original HEIF format has multiple variations, one of which is known as HEIC. HEIC, short for High Efficiency Image Container, was implemented by Apple in 2017 for its operating systems. This file type became accessible on all iOS 11-powered iPhones and iPads, as well as macOS High Sierra-enabled Macs. Apple made the decision to replace JPEG with HEIC as the default image format on iOS devices. So, why did this Silicon Valley giant opt for a new format instead of the widely used JPEG? Let's delve into the reasons behind this choice.

The Advantages of Utilizing the HEIC File Format
• HEIC files, also known as Smaller file size files, are highly efficient and offer significant space savings compared to JPEG files. This is due to the utilization of the advanced HEVC / H.265 compression algorithm, which enables HEIC files to occupy approximately half the storage space of JPEG files. Therefore, if your goal is to conserve storage capacity, HEIC files provide an optimal solution.
• HEIC format offers superior image quality despite its compact size. Unlike JPEG, which is limited to 8-bit lossy images, HEIC supports 16-bit deep color images. Opting for HEIC allows you to capture enhanced highlights, details, and tones in your photographs.
• HEIC is a highly adaptable file format that has the capability to accommodate various types of media. This includes images with multiple layers, transparency, HDR sequences, and even animations. A notable advantage of HEIC is its compatibility with 16-bit color animations, while GIFs are limited to 8-bit images.
• Flexibility in editing is a key advantage of using HEIC files compared to JPEGs. With HEIC, you have the ability to easily reverse specific changes, such as cropping and rotating, by storing editing data within the file.

The Constraints of HEIC Image Format
• When it comes to compatibility, HEIC has several technical advantages over JPEG, with one notable exception: its lack of universal support. While JPEG is widely used and can be easily opened, uploaded, and shared on any device or platform, the same cannot be said for HEIC. Outside of the Apple ecosystem, HEIC is not as popular, and there are devices, platforms, or applications that do not support HEIC files. Even on a Mac, you would need to have High Sierra installed to work with HEIC files.
• Significant advancements have been achieved in recent times, although certain restrictions still prevail. To illustrate, Windows 10 solely grants compatibility with HEIC files when combined with the October 2018 Update, and exclusively if an extension from the Microsoft Store is downloaded and installed. For Android users, it is essential to possess a smartphone with Android Pie 9 or a more up-to-date version in order to effectively view HEIC files.

How to Open HEIC File
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