How to Open JP2 File

JP2 Format Description
The JP2 file format is commonly used for storing bitmap images in a compressed form. Unlike standard JPEG images, which use the DCT compression method, JP2 files utilize a wavelet compression algorithm. This allows for both lossy and lossless compression options, resulting in higher quality and smaller file sizes compared to traditional JPG images.

JPEG 2000 is renowned for its exceptional scalability as a standard. It allows for storing different sections of an image with varying qualities. By arranging the code stream in various ways, considerable performance improvements can be achieved. However, the flexibility of JP2 necessitates complex and computationally demanding encoders and decoders. In contrast to JPEG, JPEG 2000 mainly produces ringing artifacts near the edges of the image, which can result in blurriness. On the other hand, JPEG utilizes 8x8 blocks of visual artifacts, which can exhibit both ringing and blocking artifacts. Additionally, JPEG 2000 supports up to 16,384 distinct components with terapixel dimensions and can achieve a high precision of 38 bits per sample.

How to Open JP2 File
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