How to Open PSD File

PSD Format Description
PSD is an acronym for Photoshop Document, a file format tailored specifically for Adobe Photoshop. It serves as the primary file format utilized by Photoshop to preserve and organize layered images, encompassing raster graphics, vector shapes, text, and other assorted elements. Commonly, PSD files possess the ".psd" extension appended to their file names, such as "example.psd," indicating their association with the Photoshop Document format (However, it is essential to note that file extensions are subject to alteration or modification, hence relying solely on the extension may not provide foolproof identification).

PSD format maintains the hierarchical arrangement of an image, where each layer encompasses diverse components, including images, text, adjustment layers, effects, and other elements. This characteristic enables non-destructive editing, as it permits the modification or concealment of individual layers without impacting the remaining layers.

How to Open PSD File
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